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8th Grade Teacher of the Year

Kim Beattie, science

8th Grade Center – Kim Beattie, science

Science teacher Kim Beattie has been recognized by her peers as the 2022-2023 Teacher of the Year at the 8th Grade Center.

“I love teaching and I love my babies.  The love for teaching is the ONLY reason teachers stay in the teaching profession,” Beattie said.

She said, “I love doing team building activities.  You give the kids a problem to solve together and just watch the miracles happening in front of you … the cooperation in ideas and conversation, the failure and success you see as they work out the problem and their joy when they are successful is addictive!”

Beattie’s career in education started 30 years ago in Texas.

“I taught sixth and seventh grade science and one year of high school health and P.E.,” she said  “I was also coaching girl’s basketball, volleyball and track and was head high school basketball coach.”

However, she said, “I got out of teaching because I was crying so much from all the horrors my babies were going through each day at home and I truly believed I could not continue as it was so draining emotionally.  I then taught outdoor education, team building, high ropes and low ropes facilitator and conflict resolution for four years in Florida.”

Then, she moved to Ann Arbor, Mich., and worked for University of Michigan for 14 years.  “I moved home to care for my mother and began my new teaching career here at Union eight years ago.  I have loved my babies, my colleagues ever since!”

Beattie attended  college at Rogers State University on a basketball scholarship, until she transferred to Oklahoma State University to complete her education degree. 


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