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Student Life


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Offices for Student Life are housed in the High School, commonly called the Activities Office. Student Life oversees all activities at the High School, including assemblies, Leadership activities, student organizations and events at the High School. While the focus might be on activities at the High School, Student Life may help coordinate some Leadership activities at other school sites. If you have questions about an activity located at a school site away from the High School, please contact that school site.

Athletics, Spirit and Fine Arts activities are coordinated separately.

Danika Bushyhead

Danika Bushyhead
Director of Student Life
Secretary Lynda Blythe
918-357-4323 – Ask For Student Life Office (Activities Office)



Union High stands proud forever!
Loyalty rides high.
Memories, forget them never
As the years go by.
Friends, we make from year to year.
Watch as goals are reached
Union High will always be dear
To our destiny.

Cap & Gowns

Jostens Graduate Services provides caps & gowns and other graduation materials. See link or call 1-800-567-8367.   

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Report A Threat

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