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Boevers Vision Screenings

02/22/2021 to 02/24/2021

(Source: Boevers Elementary School )


Vision Screenings (K, 1st, 3rd) Vision Screenings are this February 22-24 and will be completed during the school day. Screening will include all students in Kindergarten, 1st and 3rd grades. If you have concern for your child's vision and they are not in the mentioned grades, please contact the teacher or nurse and we will get a vision screening scheduled for them as well. If your child is doing virtual school, they may be screened as well, contact the school nurse to schedule a time. Symptoms of poor vision include but are not limited to squinting headache complaining of not being able to see the board at school academic performance difficulties standing close to the television and eye rubbing and pain If you have opposition to your child being screened at school, please contact the school nurse Amy @ 918-357-8348.