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Elevate 2020 Action Week

09/21/2020 to 09/25/2020

(Source: Union High School )


The College and Career Center is hosting its first ever College/Career Action Week called “Elevate 2020” on the week of September 21-25 at Union High School. The College & Career Center will host an entire week of events for in-person and virtual students, designed to help EVERY senior complete at least one action step toward their life after high school. “The goal is that every senior would take at least one action step towards their post-high school plans – complete a college application, create a workforce resume, meet with a military recruiter, and so on,” said Emily Ashley, College/Career Advisor. “We have some info sessions on Monday – some in person, some virtual. And on the rest of the week, we are hosting application workshops, special interest sessions, and so on.”


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