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Freshman Academy Food Drive

10/30/2019 to 11/08/2019

(Source: UHS Freshman Academy )


It is time for the annual food drive at the High School Freshman Academy! Please encourage your students to support their fellow students here at UFA! Most needed items for our UFA Food Pantry: Cereal (Box or Bag) Canned Soups Canned Chicken, Ham or Spam Cooking Oils Crackers Granola Bars Instant Mashed Potatoes Fruit (Plastic Cups, Canned or Dried) Meals in a box (Hamburger Helper) Ramen Noodles (10 packs = 1 item) Handheld Can Openers FYI - We have a lot of canned vegetables but of course will take that as well – please just mention the most needed items to our students. And for FUN – here are some incentives! TOP TWO TEACHERS collecting most items win “SWEET” party for all their classes! TOP 10 TEACHERS who collect the most items will receive a Chick-fil-A lunch. TOP COLLECTOR will be awarded the Food Drive Traveling Trophy (Last year’s winner was Mrs. Thomas!) Please note: The competition is by teacher not class period. Teachers collect items from all hours.