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Canned Food Drive

10/30/2019 to 11/08/2019

(Source: Union High School )


2nd Hour Classes My name is Michal Harris and I am with Student Council. I am very excited to tell you that Canned Food Drive is this week!!! Canned Food Drive is through October 31st - November 8th. It will be through your second hour. If your class participated in Winter Warmth Drive then your cans will be picked up. The pickup days will be on the November 5th, and 8th. Don't worry about counting the cans either, we've got that covered!! Point break-down is as follow- everything is 1 point: 1 can = 1 Point, 1$ = 1 point, 2 smaller cans = 1 point, 4 ramen noodle packages = 1 point, 1 Jell-O packet = 1 point. Other examples of food include peanut butter, jelly, dry beans, mac and cheese, crackers, etc. Expired food will not count. The winner of this CAN- tastic event will win a pizza and movie party!! Don't fret teachers, you'll be winning a prize too!!! Not only will you get amazing bragging rights, you'll also receive a free meal from Canes!!! Please get your students excited about this amazing event!!!! CAN't wait to see who wins!!!!