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High School Curriculum & Programs

High School

The High School offers a number of programs for students in academic and extracurricular areas. 

Graduation, for many this marks the end of high school, for Union students it marks the transition to college, careers, and a global society.  As one former student said, “I didn’t go to high school, I went to Union.”

Union students have been afforded many opportunities to make the most of their high school experience.  From activities, Advance Placement classes, concurrent enrollment, Tulsa Tech, clubs, service learning, to virtual, our students have every opportunity to bridge the gap between high school and life after high school.  Life at Union brings the opportunity for challenges and experiences that can prepare our students for what may await them when they walk across the stage and turn their tassel.  With our diverse AP program, students can accept the challenge to earn college credit while in high school. See Journey to Graduation 

Learn more about the High School and some of its programs:


Tulsa Tech’s Unique Pre-Engineering program is a college preparatory program that gives High School students a comprehensive overview of the many engineering disciplines. We not only address the nationwide shortage of engineers and engineer technicians but emphasize the importance of the relevancy of the rigorous math & sciences required to better prepare them for a successful college experience. Tulsa Tech offers two Pre-Engineering courses at Union. 


If technology is your interest, our business department has the classes you will need. Starting out with our TechConnect course will give you a good foundation. While learning to use Office 2010, this course provides students with what they need for success in business-related careers. Students will also acquire job readiness skills and soft skills that are critical for success in any workplace setting. Business Classes/BPA

Students will then move on to Multimedia and Image Management where they will obtain an understanding of the fundamental skills in image creation and management procedures and techniques as they create, revise, optimize, and export graphics for video, print, and web publishing.

Graphic Design may be your interest; you will then move on to Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design. Students will acquire skills related to communicating through visual design with the primary emphasis of this course being desktop publishing and working with graphics.

If Web Design is more to your interest, taking Fundamental of Web Design is the first step. Students will acquire fundamental web authoring skills and design strategies through the application of XHTML incorporating Cascading Style Sheets and future trends in web programming/scripting

Once the student has acquired the skills of XHTML, they can move on to Design Tools and Electronic Marketing Strategies. Students will become proficient in the use of premier, leading edge tools designed to create graphically rich and intuitive web sites, productions and publications. In this course, students will utilize a WYSIWYG editor to produce standards based web sites.

Redskin Academic Overtime

Union High School’s Redskin Academic Overtime program is an intervention initiative formulated to help ensure our goal of 100% Graduation and 100% College and Career Ready is obtained. Redskin Academic Overtime, or RAO, is modeled after the nationally recognized and research based framework referred to as Response to Intervention. RAO is designed as an intervention to prevent academic free fall when students are not performing to their potential.

The first half of every student’s lunch hour is reserved for RAO. Any teacher who feels a student has not mastered a particular essential skill may assign RAO. During RAO students receive extra instruction in order to help them achieve mastery. Students may also be assigned RAO for missing assignments, incomplete assignments, or earning a failing grade in a class. Students are pulled into RAO based on targeted objectives an in a timely manner in order to remedy any academic challenges before it is too late. Teachers collaborate weekly to offer the most timely and intensive instruction for students in each RAO session.

RAO also provides an opportunity to remediate students that have not met Oklahoma’s End of Instruction Test requirements. All High School students must pass 4 of 7 EOI’s including Algebra 1 and English 2. For students who have yet to fulfill the requirements, remediation is provided during Redskin Academic Overtime in order to maximize their potential for passing the exams.


What we are doing: Students who are in need of additional learning opportunities to fulfill the state’s testing requirement are provided just that through remediation classes that are built directly into their schedules. Union High School boasts nine Intermediate Algebra classes designed to not only further the knowledge of those students who are still looking to achieve a proficient score on their Algebra I EOI, but also to aid students who feel they need a bit more intensive instruction before moving to the next level. In addition, Union High School also offers an English II remediation class for those students who are in pursuit of a proficient score on the English II EOI.

While these students are fortunate to have the opportunity to build remediation into their daily schedule, Union High School offers additional opportunities for compensatory learning during Redskin Academic Overtime (RAO). Students are placed according to their specific academic needs with teachers who concentrate on student achievement in these crucial areas. RAO is not only offered in core content areas, but in all classes, giving students the ability to make strong gains in all subjects.

Any student who is a regular English RAO remediation student was registered for and took the PSAT free of charge. This test will not only help students gain experience in the test-taking process, but will also indicate whether or not a student is performing at a proficient level. In addition to the PSAT, all RAO students take the WorKeys practice tests on a regular basis and many will proceed to take the WorKeys test as a means to obtain ACE requirements.

The English department works together to focus on common objectives derived from the EOI blueprint. These objectives are kept on a shared computer drive and are readily available to all. Teachers also use common assessments to measure student understanding via written work and online quizzes. The English department arranges their RAO sessions according to gender, noting that males and females process and learn in different ways. The teaching staff at Union High School and willing, hard-working students make our remediation efforts rewarding and confidence-building experiences.

Special Education

Union Public Schools partners with the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation Services to provide transitional programs for students with disabilities.  Through contracts with the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, eligible Union High School students with disabilities may participate in Work Adjustment Programs at Goodwill and Gatesway. Learn more about these Special Education programs.

Special Education Vocational Training Programs

Union Public Schools partners with the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation Services to provide transitional vocational training for eligible students with disabilities in Work Adjustment programs at Goodwill and Gatesway.

The purpose of Work Adjustment training is to assist individual students with disabilities to strive towards independence and positive work behaviors that are necessary to find and maintain employment in the community.  The Work Adjustment programs follow a set classroom curriculum and provide hands on work experience for students to help them develop work habits, attitudes, and appropriate personal/social skills for the work place.  Eligible students attend these programs half day Monday through Friday and receive elective credit.


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