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Character Counts!

Union Public Schools

In an effort to encourage the development of moral character in students, Union Public Schools has incorporated the Character Counts! program into its educational curriculum.

Developed by the Josephson Institute of Ethics, the Character Counts! program is based on six core values, or "Pillars of Character:" respect, responsbility, caring, trustworthiness, fairness and citizenship.

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About the program

Since 1996, Union Public Schools has trained teachers, principals and community leaders to incorporate the "Six Pillars of Character" into classroom and extra-curricular activities. While Character Counts! is strongly supported by the administration at Union Public Schools, the specifics of the program are as varied as the creativity of individual teachers. Character Counts! is used across the school district at all grade levels from Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade and takes many forms as appropriate to the age and interest of students.

There is no specific curriculum assigned for the teaching of character. Some activities are school-wide, such as assemblies and award presentations for showing good character, while others take place in the context of classroom discussions regarding current events or storybook characters. Steering committees at each school help coordinate the integration of character into each school’s environment.

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Sample Activities at Union Schools

  • Morning announcements commend students for showing character.
  • Posters and banners displaying the "Six Pillars of Character" are displayed throughout the school.
  • Quotations about character are placed on school marquees.
  • Monthly assemblies reward students for the previous month’s theme and introduce the next month’s theme; the programs feature songs and skits by teachers, principals and students.
  • "Character Bucks" bearing the likeness of principals’ faces are distributed to award good behavior; "Caught Showing (Trait)" entries are entered in drawings for rewards.
  • Courtesy tables allow select students to lunch with the principal. 
  • Prizes are donated for Intermediate High School students who receive "Character Bucks."
  • T-shirts, pencils, stickers, posters and buttons are among prizes awarded elementary students.
  • Teachers who model character are awarded special posters for classroom display.
  • In one school, two students at each grade level who have shown good character during the month dine at a local restaurant where a special table is set aside for the students and their families. Each student receives a free meal and has their picture displayed during the month.
  • Display cases, bulletin boards and door decorations depict pillars of the month.
    Student and faculty committees are formed to address student life issues centered around Character Counts!
  • Book characters, historical figures and current event individuals are highlighted as examples of "good" or "bad" character.
  • Rules are enforced around the pillars of character.
  • Art, music and speech contests feature Character Counts!
  • Reading and writing assignments center around the pillars of character.
  • Newsletters from Parent Teacher Associations (PTA) highlight monthly character traits for parents.
  • Articles in district-wide publications emphasize Character Counts! activities around the district.
  • Peer mediation is based around pillars of character.
  • Words emphasizing character traits are included in weekly spelling lists.
  • "Caring" projects within each school help the needy with food, clothing and gifts.

Union Public SchoolsPillars of Character

(Emphasized in September)

Treat others with respect, follow the Golden Rule;
Be tolerant of differences;
Use good manners, not bad language;
Be considerate of the feelings of others;
Don’t threaten, hit or hurt anyone;
Deal peacefully with anger, insults and disagreements.

(Emphasized in October)

Do what you are supposed to do;
Persevere: keep on trying!
Always do your best;
Use self-control;
Be self-disciplined;
Think before you act – consider the consequences;
Be accountable for your choices.

(Emphasized in November and December)

Be kind;
Be compassionate and show you care;
Express gratitude;
Forgive others.

(Emphasized in January and February) 

Be honest;
Don’t deceive, cheat or steal;
Be reliable – do what you say you’ll do;
Have the courage to do the right thing;
Build a good reputation;
Be loyal – stand by your family, friends and country.

(Emphasized in March)

Play by the rules;
Take turns and share;
Be open-minded; listen to others;
Don’t take advantage of others;
Don’t blame others carelessly.

(Emphasized in April) 

Do your share to make your school and community better;
Stay informed; vote!
Be a good neighbor;
Obey laws and rules;
Respect authority;
Protect the environment.

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District Announcements

United Way Campaign

Once again, September will be a “Month of Giving” at Union Public Schools. We appreciate the generosity of Union students, families, teachers and staff as we raise funds for the 59 partner agencies of the Tulsa Area United Way. Thank you for joining in the fun as we support the United Way’s mission of uniting people and resources to improve lives and build a stronger community.

September is School Attendance Awareness Month

School spirit is a commitment. It requires that you be here, body and soul. Without a strong base, the pyramid falls apart. It’s the same in life. Going to class every day is important. Ten unexcused absences cancel your performance. Absence is the spirit-killer. A crowd-pleasing routine is more than just showing up . . . but it’s a great place to start. #UBeThere #ReptheU

School Attendance

New website

Union Public Schools has a new website! We are pleased to work with our new provider Gabbart Communications. While it is a brand-new website, we have purposely designed it to be familiar. So most items will be found in the places in which you are accustomed to finding them. We are continuing to refine the site and more features, such as video, are coming. If you have a comment, please email us.

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