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Bond Progress - 2020

Believing in U

Seeing is Believing

Dear Union Patrons,

As we celebrate Union’s first 100 years, I am thankful for not only the “Uncommon Vision” of our district’s founders, but also the clarity and consistency of our community’s shared vision. In 1919, when they first joined together the four rural districts that would become Union Public Schools, our founders had big hopes and dreams. The future of their children was riding on the success of the union they had created, just as it does for our own children today. 

Every day, I am proud of the district we inherited, and the one we continue to re-imagine and reinvent on an almost daily basis. Thankfully, we have bold leadership at the Board level and a supportive community that is deeply invested in the work that we do. Your approval in February 2018 of a $128.6 million multi-year bond has put us on track to effect improvements that will carry us through 2022. 

So many exciting things are underway at Union Public Schools. In the fall, we launched Union Virtual, the district’s first 100% online education offering for grades 6-12. We recently completed the implementation of “1-to-1,” with a portable laptop device for every student in grades 9-12, enabling high school students to have computer access 24/7. Our Innovation Lab, located down the street from the High School, opened to new students last August. We continue to blaze new trails in expanding student access to college and career opportunities. 

Three cohorts of students so far have been selected for our Early College High School program, with participants receiving both a high school diploma and an associate degree from Tulsa Community College. We are relentless in our pursuit of academic excellence and our district’s mission of “100% Graduation, College and Career-Ready.”

Preparations for a new stadium and Fine Arts addition are already well underway. In the coming months, demolition of the west (home) side of the stadium will begin. Given the 43-year history of Union Tuttle Stadium and our many athletic victories, it will be a bittersweet moment, indeed, when the walls come tumbling down. 

This is an EXCITING time for students and teachers at Union Public Schools. I hope you enjoy this progress report covering Year 2 of our five-year bond. We also wanted to provide you with a road map for the year ahead, as there are many positive changes coming just around the corner. 

I often wonder if our forebearers would recognize the Union Public Schools of today. Even if they did not recognize us at first glance, I believe they would be proud of what we have grown into, considering the humble seeds from which we had been planted.

Kirt Hartzler, Ed.D., Superintendent

Download a PDF of The Communicator – 2020 Special Bond Edition

5-Year Series Bond (2018 – 2022)
$128.6-Million Proposition at a Glance*

Generously approved by Union’s patrons, 2018's historic five-year bond proposal has provided $128.6 million for the following projects through 2022.  

Ellen Ochoa Elementary Construction Phase III and Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E)    
Design Lab at Metro Building Renovation and FF&E     $3,250,000
Performing Arts Center – Restroom Renovation; Lighting, Sound, and Acoustical Improvements    $1,450,000
District Fine Arts, Athletics, Classroom, and Stadium Renovation and Construction including FF&E     $42,475,000
Teaching and Learning Instructional Resources (not including technology for classrooms)    $4,750,000
District Exterior and Interior Renovations (includes playgrounds, marquees, and flooring)    $5,125,000
District Roof Replacements     $7,500,000
District HVAC System Replacements     $7,300,000
District Maintenance and Operations Equipment and Other Capital Improvements    $8,400,000
Technology Hardware, Software, and Subscriptions     $20,575,000
Site and Department Allocations    $6,850,000
Early Childhood Education Center Purchase Payments    $2,500,000
Transportation – Buses     $4,600,000
Fees, Professional Services, and Contingency     $7,200,000
 5-YEAR TOTAL     $128,575,000

*Note:  The numbers presented in the table above are estimates.

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