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Board Policy Book


The Board Policy Book contains policies established by the Board of Education which govern the Union Public Schools District. Policies are reviewed regularly and recommendations are considered for approval by the Board as necessary.

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The Board Policy Book is divided into five sections: 

I. School District 

II. Administration 

III. Business 

IV. Personnel 

V. Students 

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I. School District
     1000   Board of Education Meetings
     1005   Parent Booster Club/PTA Sanctioning
     1050   Flyers, Posters/Signs, Brochures, and Promotional Materials
     1101   Oklahoma Open Records Act
     1102   Student Directory Information
     1103   Student Records
     1150   Board of Education Committees
     1200   Comparability of Services
     1350   Use of School Facilities
     1370   Transportation
     1450   School Visitations/Visitor Check In
     1455   Interference with the Peaceful Conduct of District Activities
     1456   Restrictions on the Presence of Sex Offenders on School Property
     1500   Tobacco-Free Schools
     1550   Naming/Renaming of District Facilities
     1600   Technology Utilization
     1601   Internet Acceptable Use
     1602   Network and Internet Security
     1603   Computer Security
     1604   Passwords
     1610   Social Media Guidelines and Requirements
     1650   School Mail
     1651   Electronic Communications
     1655   Automated Calls and Messages
     1700   Trademarks and Trade Names
     1750   Research Authorization
     1800   Board of Education Organization
  1840   Diversity Equity and Inclusion
     1850   Religion in the Schools
     1860   Emergency Drills
     1870   Safety and Security
     1900   Charter School Proposals
     1950   Community Schools
     1955   Districtwide Parental Involvement (Parents' Bill of Rights)
     1960   Service Animals
     1970   Medical Marijuana
  1975   Use of Multiple Occupancy Restrooms and Changing Areas
II. Administration
     2035   Conflict of Interest-Board of Education
     2036   Conflict of Interest-Real Estate Purchase or Sale/Building Contractor
     2050   Superintendent of Schools
     2055   Definition of Administrator and Personnel Exempt from the Bargaining Unit
III. Business
     3010   Purchasing and Procurement
     3015   Recycling and Recycled Goods Procurement
     3025   Financial Management Goals/Priority Objectives
     3050   Annual Budget
     3060   Ending Fund Balance
     3075   Financial Accounting and Reporting
     3077   Continuing Disclosure Administrative Procedures
     3080   Activity Funds, Fund Raising, Crowdfunding, Grants, Donations
     3081   Raffles
     3100   Selection of Auditors
     3150   Asset Management
     3175   Investments
     3200   Travel Expense Approval, Documentation, and Reimbursement
     3300   Contractor Criminal Compliance Assurance
IV. Personnel
     4000   Non-discriminatory Personnel Policies
     4001   Negotiated Policy Booklets
     4002   Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
     4005   Retirement Contribution
     4008   Personnel Security
     4011   Insurance Benefits
     4012   Section 125 Plan-Child Care/Unreimbursed Medical
     4014   Salary Adjustment for Approved Higher Education Credit
     4015   Professional Development Certification Reimbursement Program
     4016   Optional Employee Benefits and Other Employee Programs
     4017   Universal Availability for Employee Participation in 403(b)/457 Retirement Savings Plans
     4018   Mileage Reimbursement
     4020   Professionalism in Conduct, Communications, and Staff/Student Interactions
     4021   Employee Code of Conduct for Ethical and Legal Compliance
     4022   Tobacco-Free Schools (Employees)
     4025   Communicable Diseases
     4026   Alcohol and Illegal Chemical Substance
     4027   Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace
     4028   Alcohol and Drug Testing for Bus/CDL Drivers
     4029   Campaign Activities During Regular School Day
     4030   Staff Meetings
     4031   Care of Equipment and Books
     4035   Dress Code
     4038   Evaluation of Administrative Personnel
     4040   Teacher & Leader Effectiveness (TLE) - Evaluation Processes
     4041   Legal Action Against Employee
     4044   Sexual Harassment
     4046   Discrimination/Harassment
     4047   Formal Grievance Procedure for Filing, Processing, and Resolving Alleged Discrimination Complaints
     4048   Criminal History Record Check
     4049   Employee Annual Criminal Record Check
     4052   Reduction in Force
     4054   Anti-Violence
     4055   Suspension, Demotion, Termination, or Non-reemployment of Support Employees
     4056   Possession of Dangerous Weapons
     4057   Conflict of Interest - Employees
     4058   Employment of Family Members
     4059   Teachers Supervising Student Interns
     4060   Substitute Teachers
     4062   Certification, Licensing, and Highly Qualified Status
     4065   Teacher Residency Program
     4076   Benefits, Stipends, Leave-Administrative Employees
     4077   One-Time Stipends
     4078   Administrative Vacation Leave
     4079   Sick Leave Bank and Individual Sick Leave Donation Program
     4080   Sick Leave
     4081   Leave of Absence
     4084   Leave for Jury Service or Civil Duty
     4085   Military Leave
     4086   Family and Medical Leave and Military Family Leave
     4087   Leave for Bereavement or Funeral
     4088   Personal Leave
     4090   Leave Authorization
     4093   ERI_Administrative_Personnel
     4095   Use of Cell Phones While Driving District-Owned or District-Supplied Vehicles
     4097   Workplace Safety
     4098   Teacher-of-the-Year Stipend / Support-Employee-of-the-Year Stipend
     4099   Hiring and Resignations
     4100   Confidentiality of District Information
     4101   Policies Applicable to Employees
     4102   Payment of Employees
     4103   Compliance with Wage and Hour Laws
     4105   Summary of HIPAA Medical Privacy
     4106   Mandatory Direct Deposit
     4110   Calendar Changes Due to Extraordinary Circumstances
V. Students
     5000   Non-discrimination
     5002   Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment
  5003   Homeless Students
     5005   School Age and Child Find
     5007   Wellness
     5008   Medications – Seizure Rescue
     5009   Sports-Related Concussion Management
     5010   Immunizations
     5013   Communicable Diseases
     5015   Contagious Conditions/Head Lice
     5016   Department of Human Services, Law Enforcement, or Mental Health Provider Interviews on School Premises
     5020   Supervision and Dismissal of Students
     5022   Lost/Damaged Textbooks, Library Materials, and Computers/Electronic Devices
     5025   Attendance
     5030   Promotion, Placement, and Retention of Students
     5031   Graduation Requirements
     5032   Weighted Grade and Class Ranking Procedures
     5033   Grading Policy for EL Students
     5035   Progress Reports/Report Cards
     5037   Including Students with Disabilities in State and Districtwide Assessments
     5039   Drugs, Drug Paraphernalia, and Alcohol
     5041   Gang Involvement
     5045   Tobacco/Tobacco Products Use
     5046   Discrimination/Harassment
     5047   Formal Grievance Procedure for Filing, Processing, and Resolving Alleged Discrimination Complaints
  5048   Complaint Procedures for Federal Programs
     5050   Student Behavior
     5051   Student Locker Search
     5052   Cellular Phones/Wireless Telecommunications Devices
     5053   Student Search and Seizure
     5054   Anti-Violence
     5055   Possession of Dangerous Weapons
     5056   Student Bullying Prevention and Intervention
     5060   Student Dress and Performing Groups and Graduation Attire
     5065   Sexual Harassment
     5070   Discipline Procedures for Students with Disabilities
     5200   Eligibility for Participation in Activities & Athletics
     5250   Field Trips
     5300   Class Parties
     5400   Parking & Driving Regulations
     5450   Student Residency
     5500   Student Transfer
     5501   Students Entering from Another School District
     5502   Distribution of Flyers, Brochures, Posters/Signs, and Promotional Materials by Secondary Students
     5503   Gifted/Talented Education
     5504   Extended School Year/Special Education Services
     5505   Credit by Exam and Proficiency-Based Promotion
     5506   Admission of Part-Time Students
     5507   Credit/Placement for Non-Accredited Programs
     5508   Internet-Based Instruction
     5509   Title I Parent and Family Engagement
     5510   Foreign Exchange Students
  5511   Distance Learning
     5520   Suicide & Crisis Intervention
     5550   Materials Selection

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