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Tiers of Software

Software is categorized into one of four tiers by the Union Technology Department

Tier 1:  Fully Supported –Software titles can be installed, and the Technology department will provide full support for any operational issues.  

Tier 2:  Limited Support –Software titles can be installed, and the Technology department will provide as much support as possible.  However, since there is not a valid support contract covering the software, the Technology department does not make any guarantees that the software will work.  

Tier 3:  Installed No Support –Software titles can be installed, but the Technology department will not provide support for these titles.   If the user experiences any issues with the software, Technology will not be able to spend any time working through the issues for these titles.  

Tier 4:  Not Supported – These software titles are not to be installed on District computers and no support shall be given.  Examples of this would include software that the District does not own a valid license agreement with or known has known vulnerabilities.  

Tier 1: Fully Supported

Must meet all the following criteria:
1.    A Valid License or is considered Freeware
2.    A Valid Support Contract
3.    Designed for or has drivers/Fully Supported by Windows 10
4.    Has been Tested and approved on our Network
5.    Does not require full administrator rights for the computer without approval from Executive Director of Technology
6.    Does not interfere with current software on the system
7.    Meets the minimum machine requirements to run and perform as expected and supports the mission of the district
8.    Security Updates and patches are routinely and actively produced
9.    License Count is not exceeded
10.    If freeware, there cannot be a monetary charge after a time period.



360 Fly Director
Adobe After Effects CC (Mac)
Adobe Air
Adobe Creative Cloud
Adobe CS6
Adobe CS6
Adobe DC Classic
Adobe Pro DC
All Current Free AutoDesk Products
Audacity 2.3.0
Avigilon Control Center Client E-Sports Only
Brother P Touch Software
Cisco Packet Tracer
Corel Draw
Corel Graphics
CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers
Creator Platinum NXT 5 Education License ML(1-4)
CrowdstrikeCut Studio
Daktronics Venus 1500
DR-2020U CaptureOnTouch
DYMO Label V.8
Filemaker Pro
Final Cut Pro
Google Earth Pro
Google Earth VR
HoverCam Flex11
Ipevo Visualizer
League of Legends Client

Lightroom 3
Logic Pro X
main Stage 3
MakerBot Print
Microsoft Power BI Desktop
MS Office 2016
Network Client
Neuratron AudioScore Lite
Office 365
PaintShop Pro 2019 Single User Education Edition License ML
Pyware 3D v8
QuiVR Vvanguard
Raptor Visitor Check In
Respondus Lockdown Browser Lab
Robolink Blutooth Driver
RoboLink Snap
Sharecare VR
Smart Deploy
Smart Notebook
Source Tree
Virtuoso Print Manager
Visual Studio Community 2017
VIVE Wireless
VSoft Hardware Manager
VSoft Raptor
Wacom Tablet

Tier 2:  Limited Support

1.    A Valid License or is considered Freeware
2.    Software titles are no in End of Life (EOL) status and security updates are still being offered
3.    District purchased Mac Software 
a.    Software must be installed under a district Apple ID, not the individuals personal Apple ID.
b.    When possible, software shall be pushed out via MDM for IPads.
4.    Any Software that is within six (6) months from the End of Life/End of Support Date, may be installed but the Technology software support team must be contacted prior to install.  
5.    License Count is not exceeded
6.    Software titles that have a valid subscription

AABBYY FineReader
Adobe CC Illistrator 2017
Adobe CS 6
Avid Application Manager
Safari Montage Media Player
SMORE (Website)

Tier 3:  Installed No Support

1.    Software is still allowed to be on the machine
a.    We own the software and it’s a perpetual license with not end date
2.    Can only be installed with the Executive Director of Technology’s written consent or on the approved list. 
3.    If a major security flaw is found with software, it will be uninstalled
4.    Software titles that have a valid license, however, the support contract has elapsed or not offered.

Adobe Audition CC 2014
Adobe CC 2014
Adobe CS4
Adobe CS5
Carelink Uploader
Epson Document Camera Pro
ExamView Assessment
ExamView Content
ExamView Pro
EZPrompt XP 5
EZPrompt XP 5
Final Cut Pro
Final Cut Studio

Go Pro Fusion Studio 1.3
IBM SPSS Statistics 24
Main Stage 3
Mainstage 3
Mozilla Firefox
Office 2011 for Mac
Realtime Landscaping Architect 2018
Turning Point Cloud

Tier 4:  Not Supported

1.    Software titles that are not under a valid subscription or license has expired
2.    Software title has no valid support contract
3.    Security Flaws that cannot be patched
4.    Software is found to be a clear and present danger to network security
5.    Any installed software in this tier will be uninstalled upon discovery. 
6.    Any further or subsequent installation of these titles will not be authorized 
7.    Software that has not been tested nor approved by the Technology department 

Adobe Reader XI
Amazon Music Client
Aperture OS
AutoDesk Design Review 2013
Autodesk DWG TrueView 2017
Autodesk Inventor 2017
Canon Capture OnTouch
Elmo Document Camera Software
Fitbit Coach
Fitbit Coach
HP Smart
HP Smart
Logitech Solar App
Microsoft Office 2011
NYTimes Crossword Puzzle
NYTimes Crossword Puzzle

Office 2011 for Mac
Office 2013
Prentice Hall Presentation Express – US History
Prentice Hall Presentation Express – US History Modern America
Prentice Hall Presentation Express – US History Reconstruction to the Present
Prentice Hall Presentation Student Express – Reconstruction to the Present
Proton VPN
Reflector Screencast
Smart suite
Victor Unified Client
Virtuoso Print Manager
Web Launch Recorder
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Tier 1:  Fully Supported

  1. Staff and Teachers Individual Computers – 3 Days Depending on Work Order Priority
  2. Students
    1. 1:1 -No 1:1 Computer will get an individual piece of software unless directed by the Executive Director of Technology and the Executive Director of Instructional Technology
    2. Classroom Computers – 5 Days for Installation
      1. Classroom Computers Not on Domain – 7 Days
    3. Staff and Teacher Mass Deployment – 5 Days with ManageEngine
      1. Any software title that ManageEngine does not deploy to will be dealt with on an individual basis
    4. Students Mass Deployment
      1. 1:1 – Software once approved by the Executive Director of Technology and the Executive Director of Instructional Technology, will be deployed within 5 days.  Software will also only be deployed to all 1:1 systems under this category.
      2. Classroom Computers – 5 Days
        1. Classroom Computers not on Domain – Cannot be Mass Deployed


Tier 2:  Limited Support


  1. Staff and Teacher Individual – 7 Days
  2. Student -No Support
  3. Staff and Teacher Mass Deployment – 7 Days
  4. Student Mass Deployment -No Support


Tier 3:  Installed No Support

No Support, No SLA


Tier 4:  Not Supported

No Support, No SLA

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