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Union Innovation Lab


The Union Innovation Lab is the place to be for STEM activities at Union Public Schools. In addition to four classrooms used by teachers, the lab at 6235 S. Mingo Road has a virtual/digital gaming room, a computer classroom, a room for Tulsa Tech, a room for Ubotics, soft seating and more.

Pictured: The Union Innovation Lab

Innovation Lab, 6235 S. Mingo Rd.

  • Single story building with total building square footage of 24,530
  • Phase 1 of the Innovation Lab is 16,402
    • Classrooms – Seven total
      • Four used by Union teachers for instruction (109, 110, 111, 114)
      • One virtual / digital gaming (112) talk with Gart Morris on how this room will be used
      • One Tulsa Tech (113) Tulsa Tech teacher with Union students
      • One project construction (108)
    • Soft Seating Collaboration – two
      • One area has lounge chairs and a charging station for student devices
      • The other area also has lounge chairs and a charging station. In addition it has glass marker boards and a 65” digital display that students can connect their devices to
  • Each classroom has a 70” interactive digital display
  • Each classroom has hallway windows that can be used as marker boards
  • Each classroom has multiple walls with dry erase wall coverings
  • Each classroom has its own dedicated wireless access point
  • The project construction classroom (108) has:
    • A large floor sink
    • Concrete floors for easy cleaning
    • Ceiling mounted reel extension cords for easy power access in the middle of the room
    • Two mobile work benches
    • A large tool storage cabinet
  • The computer classroom (109) has:
    • 30 computers
    • Two 3D printers
    • One poster printer
    • One standard laser printer
  • Classroom Furniture
    • KI ruckus desks with wheels for easy room configuration changes for student collaboration
    • KI ruckus chairs built for sitting in backwards, forwards, on the side, and even sitting up on the backrest
  • All lighting is LED and dimmable
  • The robotics club has a large dedicated room (119)
  • There is a breakroom (102) with a full kitchen for faculty use
  • Women’s and Men’s Restrooms
  • Phase 2 is still being programmed with no construction scheduled



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