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What our partners say about Career Connect

“Over the years, we have had challenges finding the qualified talent we need. We see partnering with Union’s Career Connect as a way to grow our own talent, to be engaged, and to help students understand the career pathways available in manufacturing.”
– Stephanie Cameron, Community Affairs Director, APSCO Manufacturing

Career Connect

“I want to emphasize . . . it is fun! We really enjoy working with these kids. Union Public Schools is committed to this program – there is absolutely no doubt about it. They are the only school district I know of where I can literally tell you what their #1 priority is: ‘100% graduation, college and career ready.’ Everyone in their organization gets it, and they are
committed to it.” – Todd Pfeifer, COO/Vice President, Ebsco Spring Company

Career Connect

“If I had to rate this experience on a scale of 1-10, it would be a 10. These students have been polite. They have been overwhelmingly nice. You put a wrench in their hand and watch them go! We have emphasized safety, and every one of these students has had no problem abiding by the rules. It’s really been a win-win situation for both of us.” – Gary Burr, Mechanical Shop Supervisor, City of Tulsa Maintenance

Career Connect

“When you give the students an opportunity, they will impress you. We still have employees from the Union Career Connect program that came in as interns. I think the potential of these kids, once you get to know them and give them a chance, will blow you away.” – Stephanie Cameron, Community Affairs Director, APSCO Manufacturing

Career Connect

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