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This page provides descriptions of the math curriculum as well as links to district resources, teacher/parent resources and learning websites that provide quality activities for students. The information is presented below by grade levels.

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District Teacher Trainers

Pre-kindergarten Mathematics

Pre-kindergarten teachers use Everyday Mathematics curriculum in their classrooms which is organized into eight topics: counting, number concepts, operations, graphing, measurement, shapes, position and spatial relationships, and patterns and sorting.  Teachers also embed mathematics into their daily classroom centers.  Research shows that learning through play is essential for young children; therefore, students are exposed to math as they play in centers of choice.  Below are a few examples of ways teachers are including math in their centers.

  • Dramatic play area – students “count” plates as they set the table.  Students have notepads and pencils and practice writing numbers as they take orders from menus; students sort items based on attributes such as shape and color.
  • Office play area – students have post-its and pens for writing phone numbers. A calculator or adding machine is also available for entering numbers.
  • Sand Table – numbers and shapes are buried in the sand for discovery.
  • Blocks – Students build and count blocks.  Blocks can be sorted according to an attribute.
  • Library Book nook – books of all kinds are available for looking at pictures and reading.  Students can count pages of a book, sort books by size, or identify geometric shapes in illustrations.
  • Writing center – students can make stories using numbers and shapes.

Resources for Parents and Teachers

Learning Websites for students

Kindergarten – 5th Grade

In Union Public Schools, strong mathematicians are developed through the use of the Everyday Mathematics curriculum.  Everyday Mathematics is a research-based curriculum developed by the University of Chicago School Mathematics program funded by a National Science Foundation grant.  The program encourages children to understand why math is important and how they reach their answers.  Students are taught various methods for problem-solving and are encouraged to engage in real-world math application scenarios. 

District Resources

Literature Lists theat support math concepts by grade:

Resources for Parents and Teachers

Learning Websites for Students - Grades Kindergarten-5th

6th-12th Mathematics

At Union, we strive to have appropriate classes for all levels of student mathematicians.  The curriculum for each course is aligned to meet the learning needs of students and address state and/or national standards.  A complete list of the math textbooks utilized at Union can be accessed below.  State legislation requires that students complete three units of math in grades 9-12 for high school graduation.
In addition to the curriculum, the appropriate and daily use of calculators is introduced beginning in Algebra I and throughout the remaining math courses offered.  In Algebra I and Geometry, students use scientific calculators and are able to access class sets of Texas Instruments TI-30IIxs or TI-30 Multiview.  Beginning in Algebra II and through AP Calculus, students begin to use graphing calculators.  These classes primarily use the TI-84+ or TI-Nspire from Texas Instruments.

Curriculum Maps

All maps are subject to change in order to reflect new expectations in the transition to CCSS.

District Resources

Resources for Parents and Teachers

Learning Websites for Students - Grades 6-12

Coronavirus Updates

Free Drive-Thru Meals for Children

Union Schools is offering FREE drive-thru meal pick-ups at three locations. Details

Last Day of School is May 22

Friday, May 22 will be the last day of school for the 2019-20 year. Additional time will be added to the school day for students in grades 6-8 beginning Monday, March 23, and continue through the end of the school year.

“Due to two days of school that were cancelled due to inclement weather, the district calendar had to be adjusted to meet the minimum state requirement of 1,080 hours of instruction,” Superintendent Dr. Kirt Hartzler said. “We wanted to adjust the calendar so students don’t have to come back after Memorial Day.

Modifications to the school schedule will be made as follows:

  1. Add one day at the end of the year, with Friday, May 22, being the last day of school;
  2. Elementary schools:  No change to the schedule. They have enough school hours to meet the required 1,080 hours.
  3. 6th & 7th Grade Center:  4 minutes added to the end of the school day effective Monday, March 23 (the day after spring break). 
  4. 8th Grade Center:  2 minutes added to the end of each day after March 23.
  5. Union High School Freshman Academy:  No change to current times.
  6. Union High School:  Friday, April 10 will be a “virtual day,” with students working on assignments from home.  

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