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6th Grade Curriculum



Life as a 6th Grade Student    

Your child's day will be divided into seven periods, five of which will be spent with a "team" of teachers. Each team will be designated by a color name and will offer the same curriculum choices.

Each team will consist of a team leader and four other core teachers: one each for math, geography, and science, and two teachers per team who will instruct students in language arts--reading, writing and spelling. This language arts "block" will actually entail a two-period class that will enable teachers to provide more in-depth and concentrated development of these important academic skills.  We also offer advanced classes in all core curriculum areas in 6th and 7th grades.

Wing counselors will also be available to assist students on each team. Your child's four core classes will be located in the same area of the building as their locker, making the large building seem much smaller. When students do change classes, they will usually only travel across the hall, except when they attend electives. The strategy is to make your child a part of a school within a school and to give each student as much space as possible.

The other two periods will be spent outside the interdisciplinary team for courses such as physical education, keyboarding, art, vocal music, orchestra, and band. These classes will meet on a daily basis. Since these courses require specialized rooms, it will be necessary to walk to different parts of the building.

Since the district does not sponsor athletics at this level, our students still find an outlet for sports activities through the organized intramural programs.

Character Counts!

In an effort to encourage the development of moral character in students, Union Public Schools has incorporated the Character Counts! program into its educational curriculum. Developed by the Josephson Institute of Ethics, the Character Counts! program is based on six core values, or "Pillars of Character": respect, responsibility, fairness, trustworthiness, caring and citizenship.

Questions Commonly Asked by 6th Graders

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  1. What will my day be like and what is my schedule? 
    Your schedule will include Math, Reading, Science, Geography, and at least one Elective. A 30 minute lunch with 4 minute passing periods is included. 
  2. What do I do when I arrive in the morning?
    Go to the gym to wait or go eat breakfast in the cafeteria if it is before 7:40 a.m.  If it is after 7:40 a.m., go straight to your locker/class.
  3. What are teams?
    Every student is assigned to a small group of teachers and students with which to work and learn.
  4. Can I go visit other teams or 7th grade students?
    No, students are required to stay within their team area and on their floor.
  5. When can I use the restroom?
    Restrooms are to be used during passing periods scheduled every 47 minutes.
  6. When and how will I get a locker, and what if I forget the combination?
    A team teacher will assign a locker the first week of school, and he/she will keep the combination.
  7. Can I bring my iPod or cell phone to school?
    Electronic devices are not allowed and will be confiscated if they are out or turned on. (If confiscated, a parent must come retrieve it at the office.)
  8. When and where can I use a school phone?
    Upon request there are phones in every classroom.
  9. Can I take a backpack or a purse to class?
    Backpacks and purses are not allowed in class. They are to be kept in your locker.  A set of books will be issued to every student to keep at home. 
  10. What do I do if I am absent?
    Absences must be reported to the attendance clerk @ 357-8177.
  11. What time is lunch and how much does lunch cost?
    Lunch will be at either 10:55 or 11:27. The hot lunch line, fast food line, hot bar line, and salad bar line options are all $2.30.   These options are also available to students who are participating in the Free/Reduced school lunch program.  Other individual items vary in price and are not included in the Free/Reduced program, but can be purchased.
  12. Can I eat breakfast at school?
    Yes, breakfast is served from 7:20 a.m. to 7:40 a.m. in the cafeteria. Students arriving to school after 7:40 can pick up a “Breakfast in a Bag” and eat it quickly in the cafeteria before heading to class.  Students participating in the Free/Reduced school lunch program are eligible for breakfast as well.
  13. If my friend is on a different team, can I change teams?
    Schedules will not be changed unless there is a mistake in class assignment.
  14. What do I do if I need to see a counselor or nurse?
    There is a sign-up sheet to see a counselor and a nurse on duty.  Please get permission from a teacher or sign up between classes to see a counselor or nurse.
  15. Do I need to buy an agenda?
    Yes, the agenda is required in every class.  They are $5.00 and available in the main office or at Schedule Pick Up.
  16. Can I ride the bus home with a friend?
    Students cannot ride a different bus home. Bus changes must be approved through the assistant principal and cannot be changed unless you have moved or for safety reasons.
  17. What if I need extra help with my school work?
    We offer remediation, enrichment, and study hall during the school day called Academic Overtime. This is during 1st period and is 25 minutes long.
  18. Can I bring my lunch and what if one of my parents wants to eat with me?
    Yes, you can bring your lunch.  No glass containers.  Parents are always welcome at lunch, but are required to check in through the main office before coming to the cafeteria.
  19. What if I lose something?
    There is a lost and found in the main office.  Mark all school items with your full name.  Valuable items are discouraged from being brought to school including purses, more than $20, etc.  Do not share your student ID # or locker combination.

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