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Union Collegiate Academy

High School


Our mission is to graduate 100 percent of our students, college and/or career ready.

Union Public Schools has transformed the High School into higher education through the Union Collegiate Academy. Union wants 100 percent of its students to graduate career and college-ready, so it's bringing college to them.

The Academy wing allows sophomores to move to the High School as Union focuses on challenging curriculum offerings that will steer students to the college of their choice and/or a satisfying career.

With the new wing, which opened in 2012, students enjoy an experience that emulates college both academically and aesthetically. Larger lecture rooms, cafes throughout the High School, special science rooms, an outdoor classroom, a virtual learning and other amenities in combination with a dedicated and caring staff will help students prepare for college by showing them what college is like and answering their questions along the way.

Concurrent Enrollment

Our partnerships with Tulsa Community College allows students to take college classes taught by college professors at the High School through either Concurrent Enrollment or Early College High School. Students have the opportunity to take excellent, academically challenging courses for college credit while still in the supportive high school environment where they can participate in regular school activities.

Not only do they earn college credit, but their college courses also count toward high school graduation requirements. 

Union places a strong focus on academics. Advanced Placement courses, virtual learning classes and an expanded Catherine E. Burden College & Career Center help students achieve Union's shared mission of 100 percent College and Career readiness for all students.

Exciting STEM Offerings


A state of the art Biotechnology classroom is part of the new UCA addition. Biotechnology is the application of biology and chemistry to manipulate organisms, their tissue and cells to produce products to improve medicine, food, fuel, and the environment. Oklahoma has made the biotechnology industry a part of its STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) initiative. The biotechnology equipment accounts for over half of the requested equipment for the new Science department in the UCA building.

Union Alternative Energy Research Lab

Union has an outdoor alternative energy classroom and lab which eventually with a wind turbine, biodiesel production systems to convert cooking oil into clean burning diesel fuel, and solar panels for students to study alternative energy sources. Connected to the outdoor lab is a classroom with computers that can monitor the production of energy from the wind turbine and solar panels so students can conduct research projects into alternative energy use for the future. Students from all grade levels at Union come and use the research lab.

Science Equipment – New Science Rooms

The new Science classrooms in the Academy enables Union to teach at a level of world class science. The AP Chemistry storage room is equipped with a water distiller, chemical storage safety cabinets, and chemicals. Equipment for all the classrooms to share includes microscopes, spectrometers, centrifuges, balances, along with other basic equipment needs.

About the Building

The UCA building is three stories high with a breathtaking glass front. The entry is two stories high with a grand open stairway on the left and an inviting soft seating area on the right. The College and Career area is directly across from the outside front doors. The entire building has a completely different look than the existing high school. That new look resembles what students will experience when they attend a university or college.
The $28,275,000 High School remodel has many different components:
 •An additional 160 parking spaces added to the south parking lot
 •Several new kitchens and eating areas
 • A new High School front entrance
 •A three-story Collegiate Academy addition
 •A new bus loop
 •A total replacement of the north side parking lot
 •An additional HVAC chiller
 •A new beautifully landscaped oval park-like setting inside of the new bus loop
 •A renovated west road that runs behind the High School

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