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School menus at your fingertips; get the Mealviewer app

Posted Date: 07/31/2019

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Child Nutrition is pleased to offer a menu marketing system available which will allow you to view food menus on your computer or mobile device.

“It is called MealViewer, and is a cutting-edge digital menu system that provides many features,” said Lisa Griffin, director of Child Nutrition. You can view menus here:

Mealviewer allows Union to showcase menus online and on digital signage at some of the secondary school sites.See flyer

Users can create user profiles, allergen alerts, rate food items and even calculate nutritional information.

MealviewerSpecial features:

  • User Profile - User profiles allow important information to be accessible across all devices. Parents can see menus for their children on their mobile device and the web, all through their profile.
    There’s no need to enter the same information across multiple devices.
  • Allergen Alerts - By saving allergens to the user profile, parents and students will be alerted when an allergen is present on the menu.
  • Item Ratings - MealViewer allows students to rate menu items on a 100-point scale that makes sense to  students no matter their age. Our research driven model goes far beyond “5 Star” rating systems of the past. We provide a relevant scale but also take into account the age range of respondents with emoji based and phrase based response prompts. For students with certain learning disabilities we also include a color-based system all completely integrated together. Students can also vote on their favorite items and be notified ahead of time when their favorite items are coming up on the menus.
  • Nutrition Calculator - The MealViewer nutrition calculator allows individuals to calculate critical nutrition information for each meal served from the school cafeteria. The MealViewer app allows students to monitor nutrient intake with higher accuracy, even allowing the meals to be customizable down to portion size.  Carbohydrate counts, and other nutrient content, are provided, even in amounts that were eaten, not just the total portion.

The next phase of MealViewer is the mobile device application.  How handy to have the menus at your fingertips!  Download the MealViewer app at the AppStore or GooglePlay and start now.