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Robotics teams wins award at regionals

Originally posted April 6, 2012

Union Public Schools - Oklahoma

Congratulations Team # 3507 – U-Botics! at regionals in Oklahoma City. "The team lost in the semi-finals but they did a fantastic job.  We are so proud of all of them," teacher Terry Houck said.

Union did win the Engineering Excellence Award sponsored by Delphi, which celebrates an elegant and advantageous machine feature including, but not limited to: design, wiring methods, material selection, programming techniques, and unique machine attributes. 

 --- The team that wins this award must be able to describe in concise terms verbally, as
well as demonstrate, the chosen machine feature. This winning team was able to clearly describe as well as demonstrate their elegant machine feature. ---

U  have seen them play.
U know their aim is high & true;
But did U know their success  is a result of their elegant machine feature?
Did U know this feature --- their shooting mechanism --- is shaped like a U?
U should join us in saying
Congratulations Team # 3507 – U-Botics!

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