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The Union Virtual Learning Academy offers students the opportunity to take online courses using Internet-based curriculum that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Courses are interactive and supported as students communicate with highly qualified teachers. Each student is monitored by a certified teacher from Union Public Schools where there is a commitment to quality and high standards. Courses within the UVLA program are designed as a college readiness program and are for first-time credit only.

Online summer courses are a good fit for students wanting to open up their schedules for more co-curricular activities, Tulsa Tech, and concurrent opportunities.

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  • Spanish I
  •  Spanish II
  • Digital Editing
  • World History (must have completed US History)

COST: $250 Cash or Check Only


  • Incoming 9-12 grade
  • Minimum GPA 2.5
  • Computer with Internet access

June 9 to July 31

Students must attend a face-to-face orientation with the instructor. Office Hours will be set by the instructor of the course. Students will be required to check-in with their instructor on a regu-lar basis. Phone, email and regular communication will be necessary.

Orientation and check-ins will be held in Room 1709 on the Union High School Campus, 6636 South Mingo Road.

Application - Apply here

Once your application has been approved, you will receive a confirmation email that you have been accepted. Please print the confirmation and make payment to Union Public Schools no later than May 30. The confirmation email will have locations where families can pay tuition fees.

~Cash or Check only~
Qualified applications are accepted on a first-come first serve basis. Students will be put on a waiting list once a course is full. A minimum of 16 students is required for the course to make.